Agricultural Market

Agricultural Market
Dự Báo Cung Cầu Ngô Toàn Cầu Niên Vụ 2022/23

Global Maize Supply and Demand Forecast for the crop year 2022/23

According to the latest report of USDA, the forecast of corn production for the whole 2022/23 crop is 1.17 billion tons

Ngô Đắt, Nhập Tấm Ấn Độ Tăng Vọt, Việt Nam Hy Vọng Kìm Giá Thức Ăn Chăn Nuôi

Expensive Corn, Indian Plate Imports Soar, Vietnam Hopes to Control Feed Prices

World agricultural product prices are currently approaching the highest level in the past decade and cause many difficulties for the livestock industry which depends largely on the supply of imported inputs in our country.

Tình Hình Nhập Khẩu Thức Ăn Chăn Nuôi Và Nguyên Liệu Quý III Năm 2022

Import Status of Animal Feed and Raw Materials in the third quarter of 2022

[Vietnam Livestock Magazine] – According to preliminary statistics, the import turnover of animal feed and ingredients in the period from July 26, 2022 to August 2, 2022 reached 146, $9 million, up 10.6% over the previous period.

Thị trường đậu tương thế giới,"Viên Ngọc Sáng" đối với nhà đầu tư  trên thị trường giao dịch hàng hóa

World soybean market, "Bright Pearl" for investors in the commodity trading market

Le Anh Agricultural Products Company est spécialisée dans la fourniture de produits originaires des États-Unis au marché vietnamien, y compris le soja à des prix extrêmement raisonnables, garantissant la satisfaction des clients et des partenaires. Au cours de la première semaine de novembre 2022, Le Anh Agricultural Products a amarré 25 conteneurs de soja américain et au cours des 3 semaines suivantes, plus de 45 conteneurs.

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